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We have created ‘PROJECT 52’ – an immersive sound to light show inviting the public to dance and share photos of a spectacular AV experience. The technology enables control over thousands of colourful pixel lights. The array of lights can be sequenced individually, as a group, in time to the music and with scrolling text messages / logos etc.

We are available to hire as a unique visitor attraction to festivals, product launches, weddings and indoor / outdoor theatrical events etc.



Given how visual the installation is, it transcends generations and as soon as visitors get onto the stage they start taking photos and videos, creating a really attractive social media proposition.

Of particular interest to a marketing team the array can:-

  • Adopt a specific ‘on brand’ colour palette
  • Work as a whole to act as a low resolution display, capable of showing logos and video
  • Display scrolling text messages which can be submitted by the public

In addition to traditional sail flags and barrier printed graphics etc we have a large stage apron and digital screens available for branding.

We have designed bespoke sequences to work with client supplied music bringing a targeted audience together. Prominent locations attract coverage by both traditional and digital marketing channels. 


We find the oval eye format works best for people to dance within, and kids love weaving in and out of the lights. That said, the design and technology allow for different format. For example:-

  • Installing the lights in a hidden forest location – a truly unique discovery!
  • Using the lights to denote a pathway to or from a stage etc
  • Using a half curve for a backdrop to a band or presenters to perform in front of
  • Having a random array of clusters creating a  bar / dining environment


We are currently adapting the design to create large 3m plus crystals and a more interactive ‘Digital Forest’. We are also looking at the option where there is a playlist available for the audience to ‘vote’ for the next track and a more autonomous sound to light version.


The overall footprint is approximately 18m x 10m x 1m off the ground (min height 700mm), plus ramps and / or stairs depending on the site requirements.

We strongly suggest the installation is staffed by security while the public are on stage to control numbers, and to ideally remain onsite overnight. We can install recording CCTV.

Our electrical requirement is 4 x 16amp supply provided to the control booth with easy access to circuit protection ideally with an internet connection – 50mb/s+ and wired if possible. 

Our PA system is approx 3.5k and can include DJ monitors / additional capacity if required. Currently the show is pre-programmed to run for approximately an hour and then set to loop – we can of course create longer shows. To operate this we have a control booth to house our equipment and the show controller.



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